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Be Yourselves The New Škoda Octavia

No matter who you are and what you do, you're all different. So it's important you have a car that's different too. The new ŠKODA Octavia can be as versatile as you are, so that you can keep on being yourselves. Find out for yourself…

Škoda Octavia VRS Hatch

The new ŠKODA Octavia vRS Hatch has been revolutionised to deliver the perfect blend of power and performance.

Škoda Octavia VRS Estate

The new ŠKODA Octavia vRS Estate has received a stunning makeover to deliver the perfect combination of space, pace and power.

Škoda Octavia Hatch

The new ŠKODA Octavia Hatch retains its powerful yet elegant build with a new design and enhanced features to create a car that truly means business.

Škoda Octavia Estate

The new ŠKODA Octavia Estate is yet another example of our philosophy of making beautifully designed cars that are a joy to drive. It has even more room, so you can take your life with you on the road.

Škoda Octavia Scout

With increased ground clearance and underbody protection at the front and rear, the vehicle is easier to handle on uneven surfaces. The new ŠKODA Octavia Scout is prepared for anything.